5 Common Myths about Digital Marketing

The online marketing industry has been upgrading itself steadily year after year into a complex entity with a far greater outreach on a global scale. What was considered to be the norm a few years ago is now only a myth and some long liven myths continue to survive due to lack of clear understanding. You should not let these myths keep you in the dark and make use of every single opportunity digital marketing provides. Take a look at some of the common myths surrounding digital marketing in Sydney.

  • Digital Marketing Is Only For Small Businesses
    Digital marketing is definitely suitable for both big and small businesses. Though digital marketing acts as the greatest asses for small companies who cannot afford for customer engagement methods like specialized call centres, it is equally important for big companies also. Digital marketing is essentially a part of the company’s success-driven business strategy that applies to all of its operations regardless of the scale and size of the company.
  • A Very Large Website Traffic Means A Success For Digital Marketing
    While website traffic can be included as a metric for measuring the reach of digital marketing efforts it does not solely represent the success of the efforts. Effective digital marketing depends on quality and not on quantity. It should be aimed at looking for visitors who actually convert to customers. Just because a lot of people visit your website does not mean that you have strong business going. Attracting target audiences is what you must be aimed at.
  • A Website Is All You Need For Digital Marketing
    A website is truly essential for effective digital marketing in Sydney, but not all your digital marketing activities are centred on your website. As mentioned earlier, digital marketing and internet are constantly evolving and there seems to be no one single way to do a thing. People are always looking for the latest information and anything that is more than 6 months old is already an internet vintage.
    Hence, you cannot just rely on a website with static content to do the job for you. You need to update and maintain it regularly and make use of various other channels to maximize your digital marketing revenues.
  • SEO is Dead
    The SEO as we knew it a few years ago is probably no more relevant, but you can never let go of SEO if you want to be seen in the digital world. The SEO practices have evolved, some like keyword stuffing and arbitrary link building have fallen out of use while other methods like content marketing and long tail keywords are gaining prominence. Search engine results matter a lot for digital marketing campaigns and you cannot achieve your goals if you choose to ignore SEO.
  • Precise Measurement Of Digital Marketing Is Impossible
    It is very much possible to measure and track what contributes your sales and allocate credit for conversions if you have the right focus and mechanisms. Your measurements must reflect all sales channels and combine data points from both online and offline avenues to precisely determine what causes a conversion. With effective use of marketing data, you can even determine the impact of your digital marketing efforts on your brick and mortar retail sales.