How Website Speed Affects Rankings?

Well, many are in the misconception that website speed is directly proportional to the ranking of your website. In reality, it isn’t so. You won’t find a direct relation between the two. There are many low ranking sites available that load faster than others.

Your ranking depends on the metric you are using to measure the speed of your website. For example, talking about the site loading, if the first byte of the page loads fast it is likely to rank higher in search engines like Google. Yes, an important aspect of SEO in Melbourne that is mostly hidden! Taking other metrics into account like the time required to be taken in loading the complete site or a particular page, or to load the main content. Google doesn’t take such factors into account while deciding the rankings of website.

It is moreover believed that the speed of the website only has 1% effect on the ranking of the website. Though Google stated that they consider the website speed for rankings, but didn’t disclose the exact criteria for the same.

As many websites report the optimization in their website traffic after improving the website speed. It is all the same a good reason to do so even if Google doesn’t consider it in its options. Users won’t wait long for your website to load and will move to the other option. There is no sense getting ranked high on search engines when users would have to wait for seconds to load your website and finally end up closing it without being loaded.

  •  Measuring the loading time

There are various good tools that will enable you to measure the load time. Some of the tools allow checking of loading time on various browsers and henceforth identify the slow spots. Though they are a little time consuming, especially when it comes to large sites, but they provide detailed data about what parts are slow to load.

  • Moving to the fast server

One of the common reasons why most sites load slowly is because of faulty or slow server your website is hosted on. This could be due to incapable web hosting provider to your type of hosting account.
The solution is to get your account upgraded. As for instance, if you own a large site with rich database and still have a shared account, there is no way your website speed can be improved. Your solution in such situation is to transfer your account to VPS or a dedicated server.

  • Optimizing site code and images

Next, if your website server is fast and you are still experiencing speed issues, it is possibly due to slow website itself. This may be due to codes and images on your websites not being optimized to fast speed.
For images to load faster, compress them into small sizes. This will affect the speed of website positivity and would further boost the SEO in Melbourne.
So, this was the importance of speed website and how you can improve it to gain more traffic and target your potential audience.